NCD Result Guides

Well over a decade's experience in NCD implementation shows that nearly all churches want to get deeper into their NCD results... but not necessarily right away. The NCD Result Guides have been developed to allow churches to wade into the shallow end of their results and then go deep if and when they want to.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the NCD Result Guides have helped many churches to more easily and quickly engage with their results and experience fresh fruit sooner than they would have expected.


The NCD Result Guides start your journey with a numberless presentation of your results. The Summary Guide that introduces your results leaves to the side the specific level of your results. Regardless of the starting point of the church, the most important information to begin with is simply what areas come more naturally to your church, and which ones do not. Download Summary Guide sample.

NCD Result Guide - Summary Guide


Many team members are not comfortable having to start immediately speaking the 'language' of NCD in order to understand what is being said through their results. Therefore the Story Guide provides you with a list of everyday church life themes, again in a numberless format. These themes have emerged out of statistical research and years of experience of working with churches through the NCD process. The meaning behind each one comes to life as your team considers their own experiences of your church against the backdrop of the highest and lowest theme detail contained in the guide. Download Story Guide sample.

NCD Result Guide - Story Guide


The NCD Result Guide process acknowledges that some of your team probably think through to a new way of acting while others are more comfortable acting through to a new way of thinking. Both approaches are equally important. So, having spent an hour or more sharing thoughts on your Summary and Story Guides, your team is encouraged to take some very simple practical steps to discover more about the current challenges in your church. NCD Cycle Starters provide suggestions of such steps to each team member in relation to whichever low area they feel personally challenged by. Imagine it. Only hours after beginning work on your results, some of your most influential people are beginning to take very basic practical steps that will send a nurturing ripple through your church. Sample the Cycle Starters.

NCD Result Guide - Cycle Starters


While most teams have already come to understand the most important points from their results after the first two guides and some practical experimentation, many are keen to understand their results even more deeply. The Status Guide can then be used for the deepest level of analysis, by looking at the relationship of individual questions, all shown numerically against your national NCD standardisation. Even if your whole team is not into such detail, it is highly valuable to put this guide in the hands of one or two of your real thinkers so that they can study it and feed back to the team insights that will sharpen everyone's understanding and the practical steps already being taken. Download Status Guide sample.

NCD Result Guide - Status Guide


Even though practical action begins at a basic level very early in the NCD Result Guide process, the Strategy Guide will tie all of that together and take you from reflection on the past to focusing on the future. In particular it will do this by guiding your leadership in how to multiply out the process so as to harness the energy of as many people in your church as possible toward the goal of church health. This guide can also be placed in the hands of one of the more task-oriented members of your team so that they can keep the whole group on track through the process. Download Strategy Guide sample.

NCD Result Guide - Strategy Guide

The NCD Result Guides will ease your leadership team into your NCD results in a way that avoids much of the unhelpful emotional effects sometimes associated with group surveys. It will help your team members to read and speak their own narrative, analytical or strategic 'language' when discussing the results. It will also create a safe environment in which you can discover, through reflection and action, what God has in store for your church. And all of this, far quicker and easier than you might expect.

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